About Smt. Kanuri Ananda Kumari :

“Love and kindness are never wasted, they always make a difference”

Kanuri Ananda Kumari was born at  Pamarru, Krishna District to a middle class family., who sought their livelihood with agriculture. Although she was third out of seven children she was very keen on education from early childhood. On completing her secondary education at Zilla Parishad High School Pamarru, under graduation at Machilipatnam she then moved on to pursue her graduation in Bachelor of Arts at Kakinada, then completed her post graduation in Master of Arts at Andhra University, Waltair. All her education was completed on a merit basis. She strongly believed in the power of education and took up the post of a Lecturer at Hindu College, Machilipatnam. Her dreams of becoming a doctor were unfulfilled as she missed the entrance score by 0.5 % that made her choose a different career option. However with her optimistic attitude she continued in Master of Arts and excelled in her career path    

She got married to a Mechanical Engineer in 1975 and joined as a Government employee at Commissionaire of Industries, Hyderabad.  Even though she was newly married she took up the responsibility of her late sister in law’s children and late brother in law’s children along with her own sister’s children. Altogether she nearly brought up 12 children and gave them shelter, education, food and a better livelihood. She later had two daughters of her own, however shared her time and money equally amongst all the children selflessly and with no prejudice. All the 12 children are now well settled in India and abroad. Her motive was selfless and with no expectations from any of them.

She also provided education to orphans and children of servants who were working in neighbouring communities and other households. Her motive was educating as many people as possible and to give them a better livelihood.

Destiny has been very harsh on her and she passed away at an early age of 60 years .Her sudden and untimely demise has shocked her family and friends beyond words.

Her family [husband and her two daughters] would now like to continue the good work and charity and thus keep her immortal.

In addition to providing financial aid for higher education and helping students to fulfil their dreams and attaining their goals, the trust also provides scholarships as a means of encouragement to the poor but merit students who achieve highest marks in Tenth Standard Board Examinations [SSCE] by providing financial incentives to the first three rank holders at the Zilla Parishad High School, Pamarru , Krishna District.

The trust has also been actively engaged in providing medical assistance in the form of medicines and granting financial aid for operative procedures to the needy and the sick patients.