Our Mission :

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust has been founded in January 2011 after her sudden and untimely demise with a broad and high objective of lending a helping hand and providing financial aid for higher education to the poor and needy students particularly who are economically backward irrespective of sex ,creed and religion. Its main aim is to assist the meritorious students and fulfil their dream of pursuing higher education by providing financial aid and scholarships

Other Activities of the Trust:

In addition to providing financial aid for higher education and helping students to fulfil their dreams and attaining their goals, the trust also provides scholarships as a means of encouragement to the poor but merit students who achieve highest marks in Tenth Standard Board Examinations [SSCE] by providing financial incentives to the first three rank holders at the Zilla Parishad High School, Pamarru , Krishna District.

The trust has also been actively engaged in providing medical assistance in the form of medicines and granting financial aid for operative procedures to the needy and the sick patients.

Students enrolled for educational grants in 2019

1. Bhavani ( Hyderabad )

2 .Dulari Soyemuram ( Adilabad )

3. Kesaraj Keshaw ( Hyderabad )

4. Sai Keerthana ( Vijayawada )

5. Asi Laxmikantham ( Vishakapatnam)

6. Anitha ( Hyderabad )

7. Swarnalatha ( Vishakapatnam )

Funds granted for medical assistance and for social work in 2019

1. Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust in association with “Excella Technologies" and “Indeed" distributed “MacBook Air” laptops to students who are economically deprived but are striving hard and achieving excellence in their field of education. The laptops were distributed through the trustees Mrs Ragini Yalamanchili and Abhishek Kankanala.

2. KAKMCT donated 150 K to Mr Gangadhar Pippera 43 yr gentleman suffering with chronic kidney disease who underwent renal transplant and subsequently developed HCV related CLD. He lost his graft function and has been on regular dialysis. Unfortunately he has also been on waiting list for liver transplant and needed the money for his regular haemodialysis and medications. The article was published in https://www.goodclap.com/support-gangadhar-in-this-fight-to-live to which KAKMCT responded and transferred the amount to cater to his needs.


Students enrolled for educational grants in 2018

1. Mohammed Sameer

2. Jyothi Mukala

3. Vasavi

4. Nagabanti Anitha

5. Sai

6. Bhavani. D

7. Shaik

8. Gangavaram

Funds granted for medical assistance and for social work in 2018

1. An article was published in crowdfunding regarding 36 yr old Guruvaiah Melangi from Chittor District, AP who had been suffering with ​ Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. He was admitted at CMC Vellore and his daughter had forwarded a request to help him financially. KAKMCT immediately transferred INR 150K to hep with his medical needs.

2. On June 30th 2018 KAKMCT organised meals for all inmates at Katurba Gandhi Trust , Hydershakote, Hyderabad and donated INR 15K to utilise for meals and groceries.

3. Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust donated INR 25K to help with education of orphans studying at Aalambana that takes care of deprived children in the slums and ghettos in the Kukatpally area in Hyderabad.​

Students enrolled for educational grants in 2017

1. M. Keerthi ( Vijayawada )

2. P Charan ( Hyderabad )

3. Vamshi ( Hyderabad )

4. M DurgaBhavani ( Hyderabad )

5. A Roopa ( Hyderabad )

6. Satagopalam Sai ( Suryaraopet )

7. Naidu Harigopal ( Pamarru, Krishna District )

8. Shaif Shafee ( Khammam )

9. Sampath ( Thiruvananthapuram )

Funds granted for medical assistance and for social work in 2017

1. Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust donated INR 50,000 ( Fifty thousand rupees ) to Kasturba Gandhi National Trust, Hydershakote , Hyderabad . This money was utilised to buy rice cookers, uniforms and cosmetics for 50 school children. All uniforms and cosmetics were distributed by KAKMCT trust founder SreeRamachandra Rao Garu. All children were very pleased with their new uniforms and pack of cosmetics that will last them for a year

2. KAKMCT distributed slates to all children at Aalambana School and new blackboards encouraging education to one and all

3. KAKMCT conducted free medical camp this year in Dermatology and distributed free medicines to all patients who attended the camp at Kanumuru, Krishna District.

Students enrolled for educational grants in 2016

1. Enganti Nagagowri (Vijayawada)

2. Dhammalapati Pavani ( Nizamabad)

3. Harigopal Naidu ( Pamarru, Krishna District)

4. Mohammed Sumair ( Hyderabad )

5. Padigiraj Jayasheela ( Hyderabad )

6. Shashidhar Pulloboina ( Hyderabad )

7. Abhishek P ( Hyderabad )

8. Chandu Pulikonda ( Hyderabad )

9. Keshaw K ( Hyderabad )


Funds granted for medical assistance and for social work in 2016

1. An article was published in Eenadu Telugu Newspaper on 17.1.16 regarding financial hardships faced by a youngster who has been handicapped since birth due to Polio. Despite being physically challenged she started an orphanage for 20 children at Kotagari Mandalam with her mother's support. The article stated that she was in need of financial assistance and needed an additional INR 20 K .

Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust liaised with her and immediately transferred INR 25,000 and hopes to extend their support every year.

2. On 11.7.2016 Founder of the trust SreeRamachandra Rao Yalamanchili distributed an amount of 44 lakhs fifty thousand rupees to 89 farmers in the states of Andhra and Telangana.
Each farmer's family who have lost their bread winner due to severe famine and crop failure were given a cheque of INR 50,000 each for education of their children.

This event was organised at Film Chamber Producer's Council Hall. Farmer's wives and children were very happy on collecting their cheques and were extremely thankful to the founder Sree Ramachandra Rao Yalamanchili who made a difference to their lives. Lunch was also provided by the trust to all farmer's families.


Students enrolled for educational grants in 2015

1. Pramila (Hyderabad)

2. Vijaya Durga (Hyderabad)

3. Sai Durga (Hyderabad)

4. Prashanthi.P (Hyderabad)

5. A. Pratyusha (Hyderabad)

6. M. Shravani (Hyderabad)

7. Pooja (Hyderabad)

8. Arthi (Hyderabad)

9. Akhila (Hyderabad)

10. Sandhya.E (Hyderabad)

11. Pallavi (Hyderabad)

12. T. Posiratnam (Hyderabad)

13. Supriya (Hyderabad)

14. Sarojini (Hyderabad)

15. Devika.S (Hyderabad)

16. Savitri.M (Hyderabad)

17. Krupapriya.G (Hyderabad)

18. Mridula (Hyderabad)

19. Shalini (Hyderabad)

20. Akhila.K (Hyderabad)

21. Prethi (Hyderabad)

22. K. Sandhyya (Hyderabad)

23. Charanaditya Makineni (Vijayawada)

24. Roopsa Chowdhary (Vijayawada)

25. Animireddy Kalyan Rajesh (Narsipatnam )

26. Victory Ganesh (Madanapelle)

27. Keerthi Manukonda (Vijayawada)

28. Nagarapu Prudhvi Raj (Qutbullapur )

29. Godugu Kalyan Chakravarthi (Ananthapur )

30. Ammaji ( Chittoor)

31.Nagagowri Bhargavi (Vijayawada)

32. Nikhitha Devulapally (Mancheriyal )

33. Pallavi Boya (Kanekal )

34. Pulla Poojitha (Ramnagar )

35. Prem Kumar ( Srikakulam )

36. Shobarani Thonangi ( Parapuram )

37. T.V. Lakxmi ( Kotturu )

38. Srikanth Panda ( Srikakulam)

39. Prasanth ( Srikakulam )

40. Menukoti Sai ( Parapuram )

41. Maheswar Sen ( Raipur , West Bengal )

42. Sravani Yadlapalli ( Eluru , West Godavari )

Funds granted for medical assistance and for social work in 2015

1. On 8.8.2015 ABN Andhrajyothy television broadcasted special focus on AAA Asara Orphanage at Motinagar Borabanda Hyderabad that revealed the financial difficulties faced by the organiser Mr K.B.Mahender in providing shelter to the adopted street children.

Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust liaised with the founder Mr K.B.Mahender and immediately transferred INR 16,000 for the continuity of education of all the kids and hopes to extend it's help every year.

2. In September 2015 the trust received phone call from Eenadu reporters highlighting the hardships faced by six students at Parapuram village who were meritorious but were unable to complete their education for financial constraints. KAKMCT liaised individually with every student and transferred funds for education of all six students at Parapuram village and aims to sponsor them every year until they complete their education.


Students enrolled for educational grants in 2014

    1. Jangili Darshan ( Shadnagar )

    2. Suresh ( Khammam )

    3. Bhavani ( Hyderabad )

    4. Ganesh Vupasapuram (Chittoor)

    5. Paila Srinuvasa Rao (Parapuram )

    6. Rapakula Prasanth (Kotturu )

    7. Vijayalakshmi Talada (Srikakulam )

    8. Vakada Premkumar (Kotturu )

    9. Jyothi Penugonda (Parapuram )

    10. Lavanya ( Srikakulam )

    11. Dasari Yamuna ( Srikakulam )

    12. Komali (Kotturu)

    13. Nithin Balla (Karimnagar)

    14. Gangavaram Raghuvaran ( Kurnool )

    15. Kukanti Chandini ( Pondicherry )

      Funds granted for medical assistance and for social work in 2014

1.  Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust liaised with Make A Wish Foundation , India -Hyderabad division and fulfilled all the wishes of the children at the Hyderabad sector. A programme for the wish kids was  organised at the MNJ Cancer Hospital , Hyderabad on 17-12-2014  and wishes of all the terminally ill children were fulfilled by the founder of the trust Sree Ramachandra Rao Yalamanchili . The kids were very delighted as their wishes  came true and  were very happy to get what they wanted . Seeing them so happy and energetic brought tears to the their parents  and to the trustees. This empowered them to take back control of their lives and to keep up the fight against their life threatening medical conditions.

2.  On 28-12-2014  KAKMCT organised a free medical camp in General Medicine  and Dermatology to all  the villagers at Kanumuru village, Pamarru Mandal ,Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. Free medical services were provided to all the villagers and medicines were distributed free of cost to one and all. The camp was very well received and appreciated by the public and village Sarpanch and PHC staff. Many patients from neighboring villages at Pamarru and Tadanki , Mantada also attended the camp and were very happy with the service. They requested for a camp every year and KAKMCT  reassured them that it will extend it's services annually.

3. Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust distributed clothes , creams , ribbons and accessories for all the school children and college students at Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust , Hyderabad . Cheque for INR 20,000 was issued and the trust hopes to extend it's support every year.

4. KAKMCT distributed nappies ( Huggies ) to new borns who are all orphans or abandoned children based at Sishu Vihar , Ameerpert , Hyderabad.


Students who have been granted scholarships in 2013

The following students from Zilla Parishad High School Pamarru, Krishna District have been given scholarships as a means of encouragment for their hard work and for achieving highest marks in SSCE examination .

  1. Rama Lakshmi Garikipati

  2. Radhika Gorrela

  3. Bhaghya Lakshmi Kagitha

  4. Malleswari Kore

  5. Sailaja Pudi

Students enrolled for educational grants in 2013

1. Durga Bhavani

2. K.Sandhya

3. Ch.Preethi

4. Abisha A

5. Poojitha T

6. B.Pallavi

7. G.Supriya

8. N.Durga

9. Sarojini K

10. Ishwarya

11. Nandini. K

12. Ramesh Bingi

13. Aparna Ganti

14. Varalakshmi Animireddy

15. Lavanya Konari

16. Munukoti Komali

17. A. Prathyusha

18. Ethaboyina Sandhya

19. Geelam Sai Durga

20. Bothkuru Akhila


21. Devador Arathi

22. Vijayadurga Pilli

23. Chintpalli Prameela

24. Bandi Pooja

25. Masani Sravani

26. Prashanthi

Funds granted for medical assistance and social work in 2013

1. Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust conducted a medical camp and delivered free medical services to 152 residents in Srisailam Old Age Home. The camp lasted for 3 days and all residents were offered complete health checks along with advice regarding their medications. This was hugely appreciated by all the residents.In addition to this KAKMCT donated Rs 10,000 for medications .

2. KAKMCT organised a training event in Basic Life Support to all High School Students and teachers at Ramakrishna Vidya Niketan, Sainikpuri. Practical hands on training was given along with free distribution of CPR face shield.

3. Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust conducted an educational session on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation with AED training to all the staff at Punjab National Bank ,Hyderabad. An invite was sent to all the staff across 30 branches within Hyderabad to take this very important public health initiative forward.The feed back recevied was excellent and very encouraging.The session included an initial lecture with a video presentation followed by practical hands on training in CPR and AED. The trust aims to teach as many public sectors as possible in providing an efficient by stander CPR.

4. On 7.3.2013 an article was published in Eenadu main edition detailing the financial hardships faced by a student in Karimnagar District on account of poor socio economic status. However due to her hard work and perseverance she had attained very high grades in SSCE but has been struggling to continue with her education. KAKMCT immediately liased with the local reporter and gathered all her details . The trustees then spoke with the Principal and her parents ,reassured them and paid all her fees instantly. KAKMCT encouraged the student to complete her education, fulfill her goal and has agreed to bear all her expenses every year until she secures a job.

5. KAKMCT is very pleased to pay the total fees and sponsor the education of all ten students studying at St.Theresa's Girls High School, Sanathnagar. All these students are very ambitious but have financial constraints. The trustees met every student and encouraged them to complete their education and attain their goal. The trust hopes to extend its support every year and aims to reach out to many more students with time.

6. A documentary shown on 17.7.13 in ABN Andhrajyothy televison channel revealed the hardships faced by an ex sarpanch at Nagarkurnool Mandalam, Mahboobnagar district. This gentleman worked all his life to improve facilities to his village ,constructed hostel , schools and developed public transport with his own finances , and in the process selflessly had sold his house and his agricultural land for betterment of the society. Over the years following his retirement he is now living as a destitute in poverty.

Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust immediately transferred 40,000 INR to his account and hopes to extend it's help every year .

7. Articles were published in Eenadu newspaper on 18.7.13 and 20.7.13 regarding medical and financial problems faced by three old aged senior citizens at Prakasam and Ananthapur districts in AndhraPradesh, India. KAKMCT trustees liased with Eenadu reporters who have kindly opened bank accounts for the individuals and INR 20,000 was transferred to each senior citizen .Total medical aid of INR 60,000 was thus granted by the trust.

Students enrolled for educational grants in 2012

  1. Saini Sateesh

  2. Aditya NCH Chakravarthy

  3. Ayesha Begum

  4. Mamatha Kothapalli

  5. Nikhitha Koruboinolla

  6. Srilaxmi Ragutla

  7. B.Bhavani

  8. Nookala KanakaMahaLakshmi

  9. Yerra Ratnamala

  10. Sai Tanni

  11. Mounika Neelapu

  12. Swapna Chunchu

Funds granted for social work in 2012

1. KAKMCT donated funds to "Aalambana" a non-profit organization that is relentlessly working to provide basic care and education to the deprived children in the slums and ghettos in the Kukatpally area in Hyderabad.[www.aalambana.org]. In addition to contributing towards corpus fund KAKMCT also distributed water bottles, examination pads , and all stationary items to the current 90 students and the trust hopes to extend its support every year.

2. A documentary was shown in ETV2 regarding the hardships faced by 22 year old young man at Mancherial , Adilabad district. He had lost his father at a very young age, however with his strong ambition and perserverance he had completed Bachelor of Technology but could not continue higher education due to financial constraints. His mother was a manual labourer and could not afford his higher education. KAKMCT liased with ETV2 reporter and immediately transferred funds for his college fees and to pursue his dream of completing M.Tech.

3. Kanuri Ananda Kumari Memorial and Charitable Trust provided free medical services to all the inmates at Katurba Gandhi Memorial and National Trust at Hydershakote , Hyderabad. KAKMCT conducted free medical examinations and complete health checks to all the women and children at this trust . The inmates of Kasturba trust included victims of physical and emotional abuse in addition to domestic violence .

KAKMCT is very pleased to have had the opportunity to provide free medical services to the residents. In addition to this KAKMCT also donated funds for food and clothing to the inmates.

4. A documentary was shown in ETV2 on 3.3.12 regarding hardships faced by an 18 yr old girl and her family. This girl was born without her upper limbs and despite being disabled was determined to study hard and be a support to her family. So far she has been achieving highest marks throughout her primary and secondary school, however now the family has been struggling with funds to pursue her higher education.

Being born with a disability did not halt her ambitions and she is determined to achieve her goal of pursuing a career in Engineering. KAKMCT trustees have liaised with the family and have granted funds for her higher education thus encouraging her to complete her dream and have also agreed to fund her for the prosthesis.

5. An article published in Eenadu Vasundara sub edition on 4.9.12 highlighted the hardships faced by a very young girl who lost her father and had taken up the responsibility of being head for her family of eight siblings. She worked all day in the farm ,studied at night under the street lights and is presently pursuing career in Master of Arts in Politics. The trustees were deeply moved with her hardships spoke with her with the help of Eenadu helpline, encouraged her to complete her education and funded her college fees including her hostel/mess fees .The trust has agreed to sponsor all her education and living expenses until she gets her first job.

6. Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust donated funds for medical aid to a student who has been the victim of violence and as a result had sustained multiple stab wounds. This unfortunate incident took place in East Godavari district and was highlighted in ETV2 on 24.9.12

The trustees liaised with them and immediately transferred funds for her medical expenses. The trust has also agreed to sponsor her entire education whilst wishing her a speedy recovery.

7. On 30th October 2012 an article was written in Eenadu Vasundara regarding 40 yr old lady who had lost both her vision and hearing after surgery due to negligence by the surgeon. Following this her husband divorced her and her father passed away. Despite severe financial hardships she continued her education in Braille with her will power and determination.

KAKMCT trustees contacted her and transferred funds to overcome her financial constraints and have also agreed to sponsor the education of her son until he gets a secured job.

Students who have been granted scholarships in 2011

All these students who have secured highest marks hail from a poor and socioeconomic background.




Students enrolled for educational grants in 2011

The trust provides an educational grant for college fees/and expenses thus encouraging students to complete their education.

    1. Aditya NCH Chakravarthy

    2. Ajay Kumar Vutukuri

    3. Sandhya Raghava

    4. Chatla Srinivasa Rao

    5. Rishitha Veeramachaneni

    6. Ram Prasad

    7. Chandana Chakka

    8. Mabu

    9. Shiva Shyam Natarajan

    10. Eerana Dasari

Funds granted for medical assistance and for social work in 2011

1. An incident was reported in television that a teenager needs financial aid for medical treatment of Brain Aspergillosis. She was being treated at NIMS, Panjagutta and her parents had made a plea for financial aid. Kanuri Anandakumari Memorial and Charitable Trust (KAKMCT) immediately transferred funds to their bank account and the trust is pleased that she had since made a positive recovery and has been discharged.

2. KAKMCT transferred funds to a young man suffering with Ankylosing Spondylitis to enable him to pay for his medicines following an advert in EENADU newspaper for a plea regarding financial assistance.

3. Free distribution of eye drops in treatment of glaucoma to patients seen at Ramakrishna Math

4. KAKMCT also conducts free camps and provides training to the general public, and trains volunteers for First Aid and Basic Life Support Resuscitation skills.

5. KAKMCT has donated funds for the free distribution of school uniforms,books and ration to 14 [Fourteen] students who are orphans and economically backward studying at St.Ann's High School, Secunderabad .The funds have been donated for the next three years and the trust hopes to extend its support with time

6. An article was published in Eenadu newspaper on 9.7.11 regarding the hardships faced by an 80 yr old farmer.This gentleman who is extremely frail and has poor eyesight had recently lost his only son due to snake bite. He cannot afford to hire anyone to plough the land nor can he hire any machinery. Despite all the hardships he has been very optimistic and tries to plough the land with the help of his daughter in law and has been trying to cultivate his small area of land to earn for their livelihood and to educate his grandson. KAKMCT has granted funds for their better livelihood, funds to assist them in agriculture and for education of his grandson.